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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jon Grayson – Stranger – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

London based singer/songwriter and possible pop sensation, now known as the boy wonder in the GBM office Jon Grayson seems to be another great talent coming out from his home county of Kent.  And as this is his debut we are waiting for where this leads.

Released in November and available now and must be bought by everyone and the word must be spread.  That is all.

Okay, that is not all because I need to tell you about it and also give my honest view on this four track debut.  ‘Stranger’ is the debut EP from Jon Grayson which has a mix of styles but keeps to a very pop feeling in a form of Sam Smith mixed with Ed Sheeran. With this, it has given it all a unique styling and a truly original sound and I for one doff my cap to it as I don’t get this as often as I’d like.  Not only are Jon’s vocals completely on form from the start the music and mix is just done to perfection.

This four track mix of sound comes in with title track ‘Stranger’ and it obvious why it starts it all off, it has a solid sound and really introduces Jon to you, if like me it is your first glimpse it really works nicely.  But not in a way that the best is the start, I couldn’t pick one song out of the package to reign supreme.

Especially when followed up with ‘Crept Up To The Water’ which is a faster paced track and really builds up the layers and is a bigger sound.  Again the vocals just flow like water but there is no creeping here, they rush straight up to you.  Next up is yet another delight in ‘Heaven Won’t Hold Us’ which just hits some reggae and scar styled rhythm which I was not expecting, but does it work? It really does, I had a brief doubt and you know what I had nothing to worry about.  It is a different sound which breaks the previous two songs up nicely.

To finish off is song ‘Novelist’ which brings the guitars back and it is another track that pushes Jon’s outstanding vocals to the foreground but not enough to overwhelm the sound.  And the only thing wrong with this song is the fact it is the last one as I could easily listen to more.

I love to be surprised and this was a surprise from a great new act in the UK.  If you want a copy of the EP, which you obviously do it is available on Spotify, Apple Music and also Amazon.

5 Stars – A undiscovered talent and a debut to beat all debuts

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