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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Plastic Barricades – Mechanics of Life – Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

After the release of the great single ‘How Goldfish Grow’ the North West London trio are back with album ‘Mechanics of Life’, which is out now and worth every indie penny.

If you like indie rock music from the UK then this is a must for you collection, the high energy guitar riff filled eleven track wonder just hits every spot needed.  It kicks off with the previously released single, our review was here, before heading off to Singularity-2045 which follows the form of all out rock really well.  But these are not a one dimensional band.

‘Our Favourite Delusions’ has a more funk feel to it, with smooth riffs throughout, it is a good mix up of styles.  This is a floor filling dance album, it is all full on movable musicality, each track complementing the last and the album as a whole.  It is a chunk of an album though with only two songs under four minutes and only by seconds so it is one to sit back and absorb.

One song that really hit home for me and was really nice to listen to was ‘Needles in Haystacks’ it is an odd track, it sounds like a classic played by a modern band and all the sounds and vocals roll like musical magic and I had to listen to this one track a few times as it beautiful in a very weird way.  It has a melancholy feel to it and follow up track ‘Shine!’ really complements it amazingly. It appears to be the chill out area of the album, but don’t worry it pulls back to a more energy filled as the 11 track pulls to a close.

‘Medicine Man’ is a really tight song and starts with the classic “Hello, Hello” I was waiting for “is it me our looking for”, of course I am kidding.  The airy vocals and matched up guitar is funky and is at full speed.  ‘Voices’ carries this on with some electronic effects to mix it up and through some nice hooks in here.  It all comes to end with ‘Masterminds’ which is a mellow fair well to the Plastic Barricades and their album “Mechanics of Life”. Get it now right here.

5 Stars – Boom! They have tinkered away with Life and come out revering up high

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