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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Elea Calvet – Trigger – Single

Review by Tom Coombs

I would like to introduce you to French Canadian artist Elea Calvet and her latest single ‘Trigger’ which is out now. Now in the UK we get to relish in her talent.

Now this song certainly comes into the blues rock style but that down and dirty blues, more blues less rock, just how I like it.  The rich voice full of flavours this is a timeless talent and not just a young person which a skill, this is ingrained.

Even the lyrics scream smokey blues club “Don't try to tell me I misunderstood, 'Cause the words that drip off your lips for show, are like murder telling you to ask for more”.  It is dark and mood inducing greatness, there is passion in the words and the vocal style.  Even the music is dark and brooding.  And I love it.

The rolling blues guitar is great and you always think this is going to get  bigger and bigger but it builds enough but never goes overboard.  It certainly keeps to its roots.

‘Trigger’ was released at the end October this is a musician to watch and bright young talent or raw musical genius, whatever way you want to put it nothing can take away this great song.

4 Stars – Raw Blues with a Hint of Rock and Whole Lotta Sass

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