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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Deaf Row – Buried Alive – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Firstly, it is great to back reviewing here at Genius Babble after what seems like ages but was actually only a year.  And there is no better way to re-launch than with some heart pounding, mosh inducing, energised, heavy guitar riff laden rock from Kent band Deaf Row.  And due to both us and them having a hiatus then it just makes perfect sense.

This is a certainly a rocking return for the Kent four piece with this new release and with the introduction of new front man Ozzy Thornton blasting out the vocals and also on guitar.  Now if you are not an old fan from two years ago then let me introduce Steve Moore on Lead Guitar, Liam Gomez on Bass and taking up the rear is stick man Neil Price on the drums.

I should really mention the EP at this point, which for myself as a claustrophobic has a terrifying name, ‘Buried Alive’, good god.  Now what can I say, well it is not scary at all, it is a tight, well produced beast of a release.  And due to this, why have you not already bought it, it has been out since Friday 9th of November and is a must for all rock and metal fans alike.  With some great guitar work and percussion and the ample vocals that have a good mix of screaming and also some good tone on the more subtle versus, it shouldn’t be missed.

Kicking off with a hands down well mastered rock classic riff (you will spot a few if a guitar fan) which made me think of Kids in Glass Houses for some reason. But it is a much more progressed sound than the lads from KIGH.  With a the riff repeating in the chorus and throughout it certainly keeps the pace going with some fast percussion pulling you through, even with the slower versus.  You get a sense of feeling in the vocals, which I find gets missed in many modern acts so it is nice to get that back.

If you want your heavy rock tracks to have good solid rock names, then you will be in the right place, with ‘The Pain and Suffering from a Tragic Event’ which may not be catchy but certainly tells you what you are going to get.  Like Ronseal, but with Guitars. Plus points for fitting the title in the song, that couldn’t have been easy to slip in.

Now to the long song, there is always one, and in Buried Alive’s case we have ‘Endless Days’ running at 6:14, and I think is lost due to the length.  It does come across as a very self indulgent track but at least for all in the band it seems.  It is a good solid song but suffers from a slow dragging which is not in the rest of the EP, plus there was no need for the length from my point of view.

I am not usually one to go track to track in a review but I have to mention the simple riff at the beginning of ‘The Death of Icarus’ it had me right from the start, then smashes the rest in your face like any good rock song should.  Bowing out the end of the EP is ‘Leech’ which is probably my second favourite on the 'Buried Alive' and a good end to a new beginning.

Check it out below, then grab a download.

4 Stars – We want MORE! of this great return

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