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Saturday, November 17, 2018

We Are Back! - A Welcome Back Message from the Genius

We have to start with saying sorry for leaving you a year ago but we were drowning and it was sad to leave it behind but if you were a regular we didn't have the time to keep going.  But we love a challenge and after a year of wondering around the streets and looking through the windows of music venues hungry for the music but getting nothing, so we are now back bitches!

Thanks to Tom Coombs who you must go and follow on Instagram @coombstw along with ourselves @geniusbabble (plus our Facebook please, looking all lovely to the right).

So thank you for reading this and our first review which will be up an hour after this little note of thanks and to say HELLO!

Genius Babble has been around for 5 years in its current state of Genius and we hope this time to be around for another 5 solidly.  So spread the word, send us music via Facebook messenger or email reviews@geniusbbable.co.uk and we will see you all soon.

Bless you, one and all.

What the fuck was that? No idea, anyway cheers guys! Bring on the MUSIC!

The All Knowing Genius of Babble

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