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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nick Lawrence - If You Don’t Know Where – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

The first thing is we couldn’t fit the title, well, in the title, as the full EP name is “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Any Road Will Take You There”, so firstly Nick you are trying kill me as not quite a roll off the tongue and hard to make some punchy word play with so many words, from now on this is known as IF, saves my typing fingers.  But the title of IF is my only problem the rest is just a big load of fun.

Easier to get the issue out the way first and speaking of firsts, this is the first Nick Lawrence EP that is not him and a guitar.  The Kent based singer song writer has pulled in some help to make his music go from great to amazing.  And to keep the first theme going the first track Bush Wars is something to stop you in your tracks and make you listen.

With air-raid sirens and President Bush and UK news announcements to start you know this is a political stance song, but if you think this is a normal singer songwriter song, you are wrong.  With added piano, guitar, percussion makes the sound so much bigger.  Even though a song about war and the world we live in, it is quite catchy and I was tapping my feet along.  Not sure if this just makes be morbid, maybe, but this doesn’t stop the song being good.

Now you may have noticed that said good for the last song, that is because things get better, with ‘The Girl With the Sweetest Smile’ and no this is not a sequel to the Dragon Tattoo this is a fun song with great electric guitar and a funky little riff running through out.  With a mix of Nick’s love of blues and folk you can certainly feel a mix of genres.  So much that the style of song is different to the last.

These songs are not all about love with ‘Grab Myself a Beer’ which is a funny and slightly serious look at certain relationships.  It mixes country, blues/southern American rock, with Nick’s awesome folk vocals.  One thing I love about Nick Lawrence is you can hear every word of every song, clear and delivered in such a way that you feel part of the song.  This song has one thing I am a fan off, the guitar solo, a little one, but well done.

And to follow on this jukebox of music style, is the final song.  One I have been saying should be recorded; it is fun, funny and goes down a treat at every gig Nick has played.  If you have not heard ‘The Beard Song’ then you are missing out, it is a great ode to the beard, as in a big bushy beard, with a mention of Brian Blessed along with people who can’t grow a beard (I’m one) it is s fun way to finish fantastic EP.

Now this is 5 track EP so you may have noticed I have skipped a track.  I don’t always do a track to track run down but this is not the reason. I have done it for this one as I think the third song ‘Perfection In My Eyes’ deserves a special mention.  Just WOW!

Tearjerker doesn’t come close, Nick’s vocals accompanied by piano is just amazing and this song is purely amazing.  The piano is perfection and in my eyes this song is perfection.  Magical song and delivered in such a way it really gets to you. I love this song so much, I hope nick doesn’t mind, but you can give it a listen below.

I can’t fault anything in this EP, ‘IF’ or as I should be known “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Any Road Will Take You There” is a master piece and is great to see such a leap in the sound bringing in a full band.  Well done to everyone involved.

5 Stars – Perfection in my Eyes

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