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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Salvation Jayne – Self-titled – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Happy New Year to you all.  To kick the year off why not give the latest offering from Kent band Salvation Jayne as they bring you their new self-titled EP.

If you know the band then you will know what you are in for, I have reviewed a couple of things for them and for their lead vocals Chess Smith in the past.  Now they are a tight quality band, but have they grown on the previous. Slightly.

When a band has set their sound down in the immortal ear drums it is good to stay to that but also to mix it up, now they are an energetic group but they have dragged the mood down for first track ‘The Art of Falling’, it is a slow melodic song which was a ballsy move to start an EP.  The song itself is good, it doesn’t jump out at me in anyway and tracking in at nearly five and a half minutes I zoned out.  They do quickly pick up the pace with ‘Black Heart’ which has Salvation Jayne written all over it but is a nice upbeat song but again doesn’t launch itself to any new heights but is a quality produced song and worth a listen.

If you think I am going mad with my not so glowing thoughts on the first two songs here then this should help, third song 'Cortez' has a beginning which woke me back up, it was different, heavier than normal and the base line throughout is strong with some guitar work that pulls you along. The vocals are solid as ever from Chess and it all comes together nicely. This is a brilliant song and can see why he video for it exists.

To finish off are two songs of the similar mould, what I mean by this is that they are different versions of the same song.  Odd one and nothing I have seen before but why not give it a go.  Juno itself seems to bring the sound back to a safe zone for the band, a solid sound and funky from start to finish but no punches thrown here.

The mellower version is like an 80’s smooth version and didn’t work for me and I didn’t see the point, apart from bringing in some nice guitar play and slowing the vocals the song was lost on me.

3 Stars – Solid 4 tracks but nothing new, recommendation to check it out, worth getting for the song below.

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