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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thomas Ashby - Look Up - Single Review

Review by T W Coombs

Straight from the upcoming EP 'Backlash' comes the single 'Look Up' by singer songwriter Thomas Ashby.  Ashbys music has grown over the years and he has grown in strength and talent.  This is one person and song catalogue not to miss out on.

From the start you get that Thomas Ashby sound, his simple folk styling guitar work is like a signature for him.  This is just not a voice and a guitar though, he is joined by Andre Dack on drums,  George Pearson on double bass, Adam Dean on Violin with Aimee Moody on Trumpet.  Thomas also adds piano to the mix himself.  This is cool modern folk jazz style of music and is lovely to hear.

We live in a world of copies and similar sounds and is nice to hear someone pulling back and making the music they want to.  This is a great song and all flows perfectly together, every note, every instrument, Thomas Ashby is obviously a man who can put a song together but to do it to this level is amazing.  With a music video to accompany, this really is a tight and professional production, the video which you can watch below is simple but keep watching, it is done so well, it complements the song so much.

Thomas's voice is distinct but this has also improved on recordings, clear and precise and has a subtle beauty to it you can't deny.  With this overlaid onto all the parts as a whole is a wonder to hear and if  the EP follows this line of thought and artistry, I think we are in for an amazing new release.

4 Stars - Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder but for all to hear

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