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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Adam Cooney – Sun In The Sky – EP Review

Review by T W Coombs

There is something about the early part of the year when singer/songwriters release music and it is a pleasure to introduce Adam Cooney to the Genius Babble pages.  The London based musician has released his new EP ‘Sun In The Sky’, with a folk style on cusp of Bob Dylan with some Simon and Garfunkel thrown in is a pure delight.

Adam has released something that Zach Braff would easily put in one of his films, and starting with the song ‘I Will Revive’ just pulls you in to the mellows sounds.  The guitar work and the sound together with the calming friendly vocals is just nice to hear.  A simple but powerful sound which can’t be truly explained and is more a feeling than words can give it.

The delight carries into ‘Brief Departure’ and on to ‘100,000 bridges’ which is a lovely little song and the power in Adam’s words really pulls through on this song.  To pick the pace up a little and I mean a little is ‘All That You Have’, it has a slightly quicker tempo but the mellow and strong sound just keeps getting better, you are just absorbed into the music.  This is the longest track on the EP and changes up nicely throughout which is great as it doesn’t get repetitive.

To finish off is ‘So Long, So Long’ which tops off this five song EP of brilliance.  This is the first release from Adam Cooney that has crossed my desk and also my ears and I am happy it has, but he could get it on Spotify then I could add to my daily listings, sadly it is stuck in reviews office sound track only.

Go and grab a copy now via this here link and give it a share on the socials, I think this could be an EP to grow upon for Adam so keep an ear out.

Make sure you check out the songs over on Soundcloud and you can listen to one below.

5 Stars – A smooth relaxing journey of folk, wrapped in mellow hugs

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