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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Keith Flint - A True Fire Starter

by T C

We all know that Keith has sadly taken his own life and no longer going to be on stage putting on his usual high octane rave show on at festivals or at stadiums no more.

The 49 year old fire starter was a legend to a generation, us crazy bastards that went mental in fields and jumped around to the beats of the biggest electronic band The Prodigy.  I am not going to tell you how to suck eggs, we all know the history of him and the band, the underground world they were part of and smashed out of to make rave main stream.

A couple of things I was not that aware of was his other band Flint and his racing team, but I'm veering off the point.  I want to say that if he saw the love and memories he created would he still have taken his own life. We need to care for our legends as so many do this it is getting out of control.  Music and Mental Health do go hand in hand, it is a shame and a loss to the music world every time something like this happens.

I was a fan later in life rather than early on.  I DJ’d many songs made by Keith and his band, they were always the floor fillers, without trying one track could make or break a floor and Prodigy could never do wrong.  Even when dragging the sound back in ‘Charlie’.

I had a love hate relationship with rave, my mood would change and my feelings with every track but it could annoy me one minute and I’d love it the next.  But seeing Prodigy live was the breaker that made me never lose that love for the music.

I hate that so many people suddenly become hipster wankers when musicians die, with such Facebook shit as, oh James Blunt “made me cry” with his comments, fuck off.  That “I have never been this sad”, really? Not even when your own family died! Again fuck off. Was I saddened that Keith died, not really, I didn’t know him, am I sad that he killed himself and even though has left a legacy this should not already be called such a thing, yes I am.  It is waste in life to the people who did love him as a person, and the fans of his music.

Him and the music he created has touched many, every track brings memories into music lovers lives.  Times in their lives when albums came out, or festivals they were at. That is what we need to hold onto.  But please don’t suddenly try and be in with the hashtag generation when someone dies.

Keith will be missed in the music world and my thoughts are with his family, band mates and friends.

Please spread the below information, as maybe it could help other and future musicians;

Music Minds Matter 24/7 support line and service
Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Music Minds Matter is a support line and service for the whole UK music community.
Call 0808 802 8008.
Launched in December 2017, Music Minds Matter is the industry’s most comprehensive service yet – linking advice, signposting, clinical pathways and professional therapeutic services to HMUK's traditional grants for musicians in need.

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