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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mourning Birds - Insane - Single Review

Review by TC

Described as 110 seconds of pure punk energy, without trying to reinvent the wheel is pretty much spot on.  What the press kit doesn’t show is that the band Mourning Birds ripped said wheel off and jumped up and down on it and then through it into a crowd to watch it surf off into the undulating pulse of a drum beat.

Okay, I will admit that the opening to this review was a little out there, but this is a review for a track that it’s cover is a brain with green goo coming off it, so give me a break, it is infectious.  Mourning Birds is five piece garage band from Rochester in Kent, with some serious punk influence.

The track Insane as stated is not reinventing the wheel, but who needs to, the wheel works and just like this track, it can go on and on for miles.  Okay I’ll stop with the wheel analogise.  This is what you get with punk, fast paced, energy filled and pulsing with angst.  But one thing Mourning Birds have got is solid vocals and a crisp sound, one thing I find missing in modern punk, with screaming and out of tune shit.  This is when you know the garage side to the band, but keeping in cleaner round the edges.

Their sound on this track is a cross of Green Day with Brit-Pop Rock, fast paced, guitar heavy with simple vocals but gets the point across.

So what else can I say, just listen to it, and try not to be insane.

3 Stars - I don’t want to be Insane, I don’t want to be Insane, I do want the song Insane

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