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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Now You Know - Con Barclay - Single Review

Review by T C

You may have heard the name Con Barclay on Genius Babble in the past as Guitar and Vocals man of band Starts Hill, but Con has ventured out into the solo world.

His debut single “Now You Know” is now live on Spotify and he certainly hasn’t lost anything by the solo direction.  A dirty grimy blues rock riff kicks off the whole song, it makes me think of Royal Blood and some of their riffs, it is crisp and unforgettable. The whole mix of music is great, with drums, bass etc, really making this a full rock on track with a nice indie feel.

The vocals loose a bit of edge from the song, not that they are bad but the style of vocals in the verses lost it for me. But the chorus was much on point, adding that gravel that works with the rest of the music and has little anthem sound to it.

The track stays very calm through the majority but gets bigger as it goes on ending with a massive chorus with guitars all over and is one to get in that head and worm its way around.

Just think, this is a debut single, so what can come next, Con Barclay is certainly a man to look out for.  Go and follow him on Spotify the link is below and make sure you give this guy a listen, is a true rock music talent.

3 Stars - What a way to start, debut from a great talent

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