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Rating System Explained

Below is the Genius Babble Star Rating System explained in plain English.  Rather the very complicated mathematical system involving hard science, string theory and some blind folded finger pointing, we have kept it nice and simple.

0 Stars - Terrible - Sadly the music is just not up to a par to be able to sell to the masses or to spread out just yet. To the artist, go back to the drawing board and come back.  To the Audience don't waste your time on this.

1 Star - Bad - It is not as bad as No Stars but is still a poor bit of music, which just doesn't work and we would let people know to stay away from.

2 Stars - Potential - Something is wrong with the music, maybe the vocals sound bad but the music is really well done.  It wouldn't be worth buying but maybe some hard work and the creator could improve but do give it a listen.

3 Stars - Good - A recommendation t listen to and maybe buy, a good sounding bit of music, tight where required, maybe not anything new or didn't step out from the crowd but what is being done is being done well.

4 Stars - Great - Everything works together perfectly, mixing up a standard genre. Something new that works, also a go and buy recommendation.

5 Stars - Amazing - We just couldn't fault the music and we would definitely tell everyone to buy it and they won't be disappointed.

Thanks for taking the time to see what our star ratings mean at the bottom of every review.

Remember to get your own stars you need to be a musician (obviously) and to submit your music to reviews@geniusbabble.co.uk.

Thanks, The GBM Team.

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